About Me

About me

As a young boy, I would slide my father’s 1953 Gibson ES175D out from under his bed and for the next 4 years (with the help of Mel Bay books 1 thru 3), I taught myself how to play the Guitar. Professionally, I played in a couple of club and wedding bands. At age 21, I joined Silk, where for the next couple of years, I was fortunate enough to take the stage, opening for illustrious acts such as, The OJays, Ruffin and Kendrick, Ray Goodman and Brown, the Drifters, Impalas, the Shirelles, Martha and the Vandellas and The Stylistics.
We played in the most storied venues such as the Cotton Club, Apollo Theater and The Peppermint Lounge just to name a few.
My father was a singer back in the 50’s who went by the stage name of Rocky Dennis. There is that handsome young dude in a rare Promotional photo, playing the guitar that I proudly "grew up on".. 


I am fortunate to have lived a life filled with great music.

Growing up, the music of Johnny Smith and Joe Pass intrigued me more than any other. The complex solo chord melody style was outside the grasp of my abilites, but I vowed to someday conjure up the patience and uncover the dexterity in my hands and my brain to be able to play this stuff. I will never be able to perfect the art of Solo Chord Melody Jazz play like my hero’s did. But I will always favor this music and I strive to keep it alive, to the best of my abiliites.

I’d like to thank the 2 people who are most important to me in my life. My wife of many years, Elaine DeNisco and my son Joey. They have patiently and unselfishly endured the many hours of me practicing lines over and over (and over again..) and never lost their patience or stood in the way of my never ending quest to be the best guitar player I could become. Thank you guys. I will love you both for all of eternity.

This website is a tribute to the World of Archtop Guitars.  If my website gives ONE young person inspiration to continue the art of Guitar playing, then I’ve accomplished my task. Some of the greatest guitars ever made, playing the most timeless and most beautiful music ever written graces these pages. I hope you enjoy my website.
Joe DeNisco